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Megyn Kelly Feuds With ‘Pod Save America’ Host Who Calls Her Biden Attack ‘Truly Pathetic’

Former Fox News host said the president-elect’s call for unity is ”written like a man who has been in a basement for a year“

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s caustic comment Sunday about president-elect Joe Biden’s call for all Americans to unite drew the ire of “Pod Save America” host and Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau.

The snark began Sunday when Kelly saw Biden’s first tweet since news organizations declared him the winner of the presidential election the morning before: “A nation united. A nation strengthened. A nation healed. The United States of America,” Biden wrote. In response to that, Kelly sarcastically replied that the tweet was “written like a man who has been in a basement for a year.”

Favreau struck back, calling Kelly’s comment “truly pathetic” and saying she sounded “like Donald Trump spreading conspiracies about a basement.”

And you sound like Donald Trump spreading conspiracies about a basement. I thought you were supposed to be above that, having been on the receiving end of them yourself. Guess not,” he added, referencing Trump’s attacks towards Kelly during the 2016 election.

“He is out of touch if he thinks his election means unity/healing in a nation in which his supporters have dismissed (& continue to) half the nation as evil for 4 yrs,” Kelly replied. “Top [Democrats] are right now threatening anyone who ‘ enabled’ him.”

“Joe Biden doesn’t believe half the country is evil. I certainly don’t,” Favreau retorted. “I do believe that right-wing media figures like you rile up a lot of people by spreading conspiracies like you did with that basement tweet, so I’d definitely love for that to stop.”

Chrissy Teigen jumped in on the conversation, asking Kelly, “Where have you been? Aside from not on your own show since you got fired and all.” To which Kelly shot back, “Actually using her brain cells for something other than trolling everyone that doesn’t agree w her on Twitter.”

While Biden is expected to announce members of his transition team, cabinet and COVID-19 task force in the coming week, Donald Trump has yet to address the nation following his election defeat. Reports say that his family is divided between conceding the election to Biden and challenging the result of multiple swing states in court. Trump’s campaign has already filed a number of lawsuits accusing several battleground states — including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Michigan — of voter fraud, but they have failed to offer up evidence.