Megyn Kelly: I Was Called ‘a Real C-Word’ After Debate Dust-Up With Donald Trump

“And there was one that said and I quote, ‘No one gives a damn about misogyny,'” ‘Today’ host says

‘Today” show host Megyn Kelly got personal on Wednesday, telling her audience that after her famous dust-up with Donald Trump during the first Republicans debate in August 2015, she got angry voicemails from viewers calling her “a real C-word.”

“On my voice mail after the August 15th debate after, I asked [Donald Trump] that question about misogyny, I got all these voicemails saying, ‘You’re a real C word,’” Kelly said. “And there was one that said, and I quote, ‘No one gives a damn about misogyny.’”

The moment Kelly referenced took place in August 2015, during the first Republican presidential debate in which Kelly ferociously confronted Trump — then a long-shot candidate — about his history of misogynistic comments over the years.

Kelly also discussed Time Magazine’s decision to name the “silence breakers” who launched the #MeToo movement as this year’s Person of the Year.

She cited a line from the Time story which cited the release of Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape — in which he bragged about grabbing women by the genitals — as a pivotal moment in creating the movement.

“There’s a line in the Time piece that says Trump’s election after the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape and the language we heard from him on it — not to mention the 16 accusers who came out about him — stoked the fire,” said Kelly.

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