Megyn Kelly to Piers Morgan: Thank You ‘For Being Such a Gracious Loser’ (Video)

Former competitor to Megyn Kelly, Piers Morgan, trades friendly barbs with the Fox News host

They used to be direct competitors, but Monday night, Megyn Kelly and Piers Morgan had themselves some friendly fun.

“Let’s just kill the elephant in the room,” Morgan said to Kelly as a guest on “The Kelly File” Monday night. Morgan then recounted when he started at CNN, he invited Kelly to “bring it” on social media.

“And the mere fact that I’m now a guest on your show indicates that you brought it,” Morgan conceded.

“Well, thank you very much for being such a gracious loser,” Kelly responded.

The two then went on to discuss who might win TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year as well as the New York City chokehold case that killed Eric Garner.

Predictably, Morgan expressed his disbelief at the American justice system not sending the two police officers in the Missouri and Staten Island cases to trial.

Watch video below.