Swat Heard Around the World: Melania Slaps Back Trump’s Hand, Twitter Has Field Day

“Melania isn’t even pretending,” one person observes. “Wow.”


The president and first lady landed in Israel on Monday morning during Trump’s first international trip while in office. As the pair walked down the tarmac in Tel Aviv, Trump reached out for his wife’s hand, and she swatted it away. POTUS then used his rejected hand to adjust his tie. Smooth move, Mr. President.

Melania’s slap-back did not go unnoticed. Twitter is abuzz with reactions to the moment; with many praising FLOTUS for ignoring her husband’s hand and encouraging her to continue avoiding him because of his disrespectful behavior. Some are calling it the #swatheardaroundtheworld.

Here is a roundup of some of the best tweets.