Melania Trump’s Ginormous Bling in White House Portrait Sparks Twitter Smackdown

“Sell the ring, save Meals on Wheels”

Last Updated: April 3, 2017 @ 11:20 PM

The White House released Melania Trump’s first official portrait on Monday, “taken in her new residence at the White House,” according to the official statement.

The first lady, a former fashion model, is shown from the waist up wearing a black ensemble. Looking directly into the camera, FLOTUS is sporting what appears to be a smile, though we can’t say for sure.

What is becoming crystal clear is that people are less than amused by what’s on her finger: A diamond so massive it might be visible from space along with the Great Wall of China.

Melania’s 25-carat ring, reportedly worth a whopping $3 million, was given to her by Trump as a gift on their 10th wedding anniversary to replace the a much more modest 12-carat ring she had before.

As you can imagine, some thought that money could be better spent on other things.

After NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander tweeted out the portrait, one user quickly replied: “Sell the ring, save Meals on Wheels.”

“Nice ring @MELANIATRUMP,” wrote another person tweeted, “pls show it off to everyone that is losing health care, education, meals. How is the bullying campaign going btw?”

Meanwhile journalist from Ireland wanted to know: “So, tell us Melania, what attracted you to orange billionaire Mr Trump? Nice ring btw.”

Check out more the snarkfest below.

Official Portrait of First Lady

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