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'Melania Trump' Returns to Colbert's 'Late Show' to Clear Up Some of That ABC News Interview (Video)

On hubby Donald: "Maybe he should go focus himself," Laura Benanti says in thick Slovak accent

Laura Benanti returned to "The Late Show" Tuesday night as Melania Trump, granting Stephen Colbert the "first exclusive interview since her first exclusive interview," as he put it.

The (fake) first lady used the national CBS platform to clear up some things from her recent ABC News sitdown -- like when Melania told Tom Llamas that Donald Trump's alleged extramarital affairs are "not a concern and focus" of hers.

"I do not focus on who he focuses," this "Melania" said, playing the Slovak accent extra thick and sneaking one by the FCC censors. "Maybe he should go focus himself."

You get it.

"From the bottom of my heart, I can honestly tell you we are as happy as the day we were wed," Benanti's Melania said about the real one's non-convincing "We are fine" marriage summation, before screaming into what probably should have been a pillow.

She also explained that whole "most bullied person in the world" thing, which didn't go over so hot with a bunch of her critics.

"I have been called the worst names imaginable: 'cold,' 'heartless,' 'Eric's stepmother,'" the Broadway star said in character.

Yes, the rule of three still works in comedy. Watch the video above.