Melania Trump Likes Alec Baldwin’s President Trump, ‘SNL’ Star Cecily Strong Hears (Video)

No word on if the first lady appreciates Cecily’s impersonation of her

Does First Lady Melania Trump like Cecily Strong’s impression of her on “Saturday Night Live?” That’s not clear, but she does like Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of her husband, Donald Trump — that is, according to what Strong has heard.

“You did hear through the grapevine that Melania Trump likes your impersonation of her!” host Andy Cohen asked Strong on “Watch What Happens Live.”

“Well, I didn’t hear she likes the impersonation, that was taken out of context, I heard she likes the show and likes Alec doing Trump and likes the show,” Strong said. “She must like my personation too, I guess.”

Last week, Strong was a guest on NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” and she said that she met Trump when he hosted the show in 2015. Although Melania said little during the meal, Trump said she likes the impression.

“She came to the dinner … I don’t remember her saying anything,” Strong told host Jimmy Fallon. “She pointed at me when she walked in, and then I think he said ‘she likes your impression.’”

Strong portrayed Trump in a sketch from last Saturday, where several past first ladies gave the current first lady advice on how to survive her husband’s miserable presidency. Natalie Portman portrayed Jackie Kennedy in thee sketch, while Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Hillary Clinton. Aidy Bryant was Martha Washington and Leslie Jones impersonated Michelle Obama.

Watch the video above.