Melania Trump Eats Jewelry on Strangely Timed Vanity Fair Mexico Cover (Photo)

“No, this is not a flattery story,” publication tweets with preview of cover story that comes the same week Trump initiated border wall plans

In the same week President Donald Trump started in on his plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, First Lady Melania Trump has popped up on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico’s February issue.

The timing is strange to say the least. But there are other oddities about it that observers have derided:

The cover image shows the first lady in a pose that makes her appear to be eating jewelry. Also, the teaser text on the cover suggests that Mrs. Trump may be the next Jackie Kennedy — and that’s a big maybe.

The photo and interview are actually repurposed from from a spread that was published in GQ magazine last spring. (Both are publishing company Conde Nast properties.)

After receiving online vitriol over the cover, Vanity Fair Mexico tweeted (translated from Spanish): “No, this is not a flattery story. We invite you to read the preview of this report on Melania Trump.”

Here is a survey of reactions seen on Twitter:

The magazine’s release came on Thursday, just one day after Trump signed executive orders to grow border patrol enforcement and also take first steps to build that wall.

But before you go thinking Vanity Fair is a pro-Trump media organization, just know they think the wall is as “ridiculous” as do a whole lot of other people.