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Melania Trump Rejects President’s Hand-Hold Again, Twitter Says: ‘You Go Girl!’ (Video)

First Lady continues to swat away her husband in front of cameras

This time, it wasn’t even a swat. This time, America’s First Lady didn’t even give Donald Trump a chance to grab her hand, quickly moving her manicured fingers to brush away her hair as the president clutched at nothing but empty air.

Tuesday evening, Donald and Melania Trump landed in Rome from Tel Aviv as the president’s first international trip continues. In a clip showing the two embark from Air Force One, Trump is seen reaching for his wife’s hand before she quickly moves it away. The move recalls a similar moment on Monday, when he tried to hold her hand as they arrived in Tel Aviv, but Melania swatted it away. Both clips have since gone viral.

Here’s the most recent clip from Tuesday:

And here’s the “swat heard around the world” from Monday in Tel Aviv:

Melania’s refusal to hold her husband’s hand in public might be gaining frequency, although it’s not the first time. When the pair arrived in Washington, D.C., for Inauguration Day, she only held Trump’s hand for a fleeting moment before pulling her hand away.

Here are some tweets praising the First Lady for avoiding her husband.

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