Melania Trump Is Trapped in Her Hamburg Hotel Room, White House Says

Security concerns keep First Lady behind closed doors

Last Updated: July 7, 2017 @ 2:53 PM

First Lady Melania Trump is unable to leave her hotel in Hamburg, Germany due to the gigantic protests occurring in the streets, the White House said Friday.

FLOTUS has been unable to get clearance for her to leave the hotel due to security concerns.

While President Donald Trump traveled to Hamburg to participate in the G-20 summit along with other world leaders, the spouses were scheduled to tour a climate change center and take a river cruise, according to CNN.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Hamburg outside the G-20 summit Thursday to protest capitalism, climate policies and globalization. However, a group clashed with police. Al Jazeera reported that some smashed windows and lit police cars on fire. Around 45 people were arrested.

A number of officers were injured. Al Jazeera puts the number as high as 149 while the Atlantic said it was around 70.

Trump, on her part, tweeted that she was thinking of those hurt in the protests. “Hope everyone stay safe,” she wrote.

Trump isn’t the only person on hotel lockdown. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball tweeted that he was also remained inside. This came after protesters were seen storming the entrance of the hotel where he and Russia President Vladimir Putin were staying. Australian news sources said the group was pushed back by police.


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