Melania Trump’s Website Taken Down Over False Claim of a College Degree

She may be the wife of the GOP presidential nominee, but there’s doubt over whether the former model is a college graduate

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 @ 10:11 PM

Melania Trump’s personal website has been taken down following reports that it falsely claimed that she had a college degree.

The personal website of the GOP presidential nominee’s wife mysteriously disappeared from the Internet on Wednesday, according to The Huffington Post, following speculation that she hadn’t actually earned an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. now automatically redirects to the Trump Organization’s official website.

The 46-year-old tweeted Thursday that the website was removed Rather not because of embellishment of her education, but because it didn’t accurately reflect her “current business and professional interests.”

The latest scandal comes hot on the heels of Melania’s controversial speech at the Republican National Convention in which she echoed large sections of a speech by Michelle Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

RNC communications director Sean Spicer later gave the bizarre explanation that some of Mrs. Trump’s speech was actually taken from “My Little Pony’s” Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Slovenian journalists Bojan Pozar and Igor Omerza, authors of the unauthorized biography “Melania Trump — The Inside Story: From a Slovenian Communist Village to the White House” claim that Melania “became — and remained — a college dropout” after leaving the University of Ljubljana’s architecture school following her freshman year.

“In her freshman year, the 19-year old Melanija Knavs attended lectures on the following subjects: elements of architecture, fine arts, fundamentals of technical mechanics, architectural construction, descriptive geometry, mathematics, and an ideological (read ‘communist’) elective credit called ‘General Partisan Resistance and Social Self-protection,'” the book states. “Melanija would have made it to her sophomore year, even having failed 2 exams, but she was supposed to have gotten and held a 1-month internship and kept a journal about it.”

The book also claims that any deception regarding Melania’s higher education achievements would have been with the consent of the man now vying to be the next president of the United States.

“Later, in America, after meeting Donald Trump and officially becoming his partner, Melania Knauss told the media that she got her degree in architecture and design,” the authors continue. “This was almost certainly done in consultation with Trump and his advisors, as they were desperate to give off the impression that the Slovenian model was not just beautiful, but also smart and well-educated.”

See the excerpt from Melania’s biography on her now-deleted website, acquired by HuffPo, below.

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