Melissa Gilbert Says Oliver Stone ‘Humiliated’ Her at Audition for ‘The Doors’ (Audio)

“I was auditioning for the Meg Ryan role and he wrote this special scene that he wanted me to do for him physically in the casting room,” Gilbert tells Andy Cohen

Melissa Gilbert spoke out against director Oliver Stone during an interview on Andy Cohen’s satellite radio show on Monday, saying the director sexually harassed her when she auditioned for a role in his 1991 movie “The Doors.”

Gilbert says Stone wanted her to do a scene he said he wrote just for her which involved saying, “Do me, baby,” repeatedly while on her hands and knees. Gilbert refused to do it and left the audition room in tears.

While recounting the incident, Gilbert said she was reluctant to identify Stone, saying she was afraid of backlash, but after she finished, she said, “Oh, f*** it, it was Oliver Stone, and it was ‘The Doors.’” The role she auditioned for was Pamela Courson, the girlfriend of famed rockstar Jim Morrison, who was played in the film by Meg Ryan.

“It was humiliating, it was horrifying, and he got me,” Gilbert said. The actress believes that Stone asked her to do the scene as a form of revenge for embarrassing him at a nightclub.

“He was ragging on television… he was telling everyone how television was crap and he’d never do it,” she said. “And then all these girls came running up to me because they had seen me on ‘Little House on the Prairie.’ And they left and he was dumbfounded, and I said, ‘You see, a*****e? That’s television!’ And I guess he never forgot it.’”

Stone’s reps did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s requests for comment. Listen to Gilbert’s interview in the clip above.