Melissa McCarthy Goes Gravity Truther, Fights Jennifer Aniston on ‘Kimmel’ (Video)

Guest host McCarthy debunks “the so-called theory of gravitivity” by “Isaac Newton… that’s right, the guy from the cookie”

Someone tell “Saturday Night Live” that Melissa McCarthy would make a pretty perfect Alex Jones, in case they need one.

Guest hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live” as Kimmel is off this week while his infant son recovers from heart surgery, McCarthy went full conspiracy theorist, starting with a denial of climate change. “As you know, there has been a lot of talk these days about the environment, our changing climate, and global warming,” McCarthy said while dressed as a Menorah. “Now some people say it’s real. And then the really smart people, they know it’s a ruse invented by the illuminati.”

“But,” she continued, “there’s an even bigger issue facing our planet, one that has gone un-debunked for hundreds of years!”

McCarthy then unveiled a public service video debunking the existence of gravity, or as the called it, “the theory of gravitivity.”

Midway through, “Junifer Ooniston” (Jennifer Aniston) came out to push back against the campaign, but she was no match for McCarthy. See the whole thing above.