Melissa McCarthy on Challenges of Making Susan Sarandon Dumpy for ‘Tammy’ (Video)

“Tammy” star says they had to halt production on two separate occasions because Sarandon, who portrays her grandmother in the film, looked “too good”

Susan Sarandon took on the role of Melissa McCarthy‘s grandmother, Pearl, in the film “Tammy.” The film was written by McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone, who also directed. McCarthy co-produced, so she was very involved in the production, and there was one problem that kept cropping up: the beauty of her co-star.

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On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” McCarthy detailed how much effort went into toning down the “glow” of the 67-year-old actress.

“We’ve got fake ankles on her because, like, who’s ankles are gorgeous?” McCarthy said. The production team made prosthetic ankles for Sarandon because apparently hers did not look elderly enough. “She’s got a crazy wig on,” McCarthy went on. “We put dumpy clothes on her.”

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And yet, McCarthy said twice they had to halt production. When she’d ask why, she’d be told, “Susan looks too good.”

“I was like, ‘Oh is it … pretty lighting, do we both look too good?’” she told Kimmel. “No. Just Susan.” Apparently McCarthy managed to look dumpy, but Sarandon was glowing from within.

Find out if they managed to keep Sarandon’s beauty in check when “Tammy” opens in theaters on Wednesday, July 2.