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Memo to Nikki: Stop Saying TheWrap Isn’t Breaking Stories

As I was sitting here putting together our weekly list of the top stories we’ve written at TheWrap, someone pinged me with Nikki Finke’s latest quote about us.(Apparently she’s the only person worthy of interviewing about who we are, what we are and how we’re doing. Not sure why this is so.)

For about the third time in a row, Nikki’s comment is that we do not break news.

So before this kind of repetition hardens into supposed fact, let me set the record straight. TheWrap is breaking news every day, and seeks to offer an authoritative,  intelligent take on the issues facing the entertainment industry, every day.

We won’t succeed every day. But we break a helluva lot of news, including right in Nikki’s sweet spot — the guilds and the potential SAG strike.

We beat la Finke in week two with the news that SAG President Alan Rosenberg was suing his own union over the board’s ouster of negotiator Doug Allen. (Ouch.) 

We beat la Finke again when we got an exclusive interview with Rosenberg the previous week, saying he would not resign. And then praising his union in song.

What else? We broke news of Lionsgate and Summit new talks to merge. (Nikki appears to have stolen this in the middle of her Superbowl coverage – you can find the post (I can’t seem to), unless she’s removed it — only to discredit it the following day.)

But of course, we bow to la Finke’s news-breaking ability. And we link to her when she leads the pack – as with Peter Chernin’s departure on Monday.

Further,  we thank her for linking to us, as she did with Andrew Gumbel’s revelation of $14 million in consulting fees for The Camden Group at the Motion Picture home. (Even though she seems to find it hard to mention the name of this publication.)  

Our breaking news includes investigative journalism. To wit, Gumbel’s series on the Motion Picture Fund closures, and Lauren Horwitch’s story on David White’s ties to lawyer Marc Dreier. We get it right. We play it straight. If we get it wrong, we will say so.

So there you have it. We are other things too, a place for discussion and community of the deeper issues facing the entertainment and media industries. A place for analysis. And for disagreement and debate, as any glance at our open and uncensored comments section will reflect.

We are one month old yesterday, and are delighted to report growing community and traffic — our biggest day on Monday surpassed by our biggest day today.

We intend to get better. And to break more news. And we wish Nikki Finke, as she does us, only the best.