Guess Whose Dad Is Coming Back to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Shondaland alum set to return to Grey Sloan Memorial for Season 15


Longtime no see, Thatcher Grey.

Jeff Perry — who has been busy playing “Scandal”s conniving Cyrus Beene for the seven-season run of the recently-wrapped Shonda Rhimes series — is heading back to another Shondaland drama this fall. Perry will reprise his role as Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) father on Season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” an ABC spokesperson told TheWrap.

Perry hasn’t ventured to Seattle since his appearance during Season 7 of the Pompeo-led series. And for those who aren’t regularly binging old episodes of “Grey’s,” allow us fill you in on Thatcher.

He had Meredith with her mother Ellis Grey, but wasn’t involved in her life as a child. He married Susan Grey (Mare Winningham) and fathered two more daughters, Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Molly (Mandy Siegfried).

No plot details have been given on what Perry will be doing when he comes back to Grey Sloan Memorial, but it’s sure to be a dramatic arch — ’cause “Grey’s,” right? And this season is a big one for Meredith (and her real-life alter ego), as the doctor is supposed to jump back into the dating game, and Pompeo is now raking in a whopping $20 million a season.

Entertainment Weekly first reported the news of Perry’s impending return.

“Grey’s Anatomy” will return with a two-hour season premiere Thursday, Sept. 27, on ABC.