Does Meredith McIver Actually Exist? Twitter Has Its Doubts

Elusive staff writer who took the fall for Melania Trump’s plagiarism scandal sparks hilarious reactions … assuming that she’s a real person, that is

Last Updated: July 20, 2016 @ 5:00 PM

Meredith McIver has taken the fall in the plagiarism scandal surrounding the RNC speech given by Melania Trump.

But she also seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, as far as the Twitterati are concerned.

Since news broke Wednesday that Trump staff writer McIver is taking the blame for the speech — which seemed to crib heavily from a speech given by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2008 — Twitter users have busied themselves with the weighty question: Does McIver actually exist?

“Serious question: has any news outlet seen or interviewed Meredith McIver?” queried “AM Joy” host Joy Reid. “Asking because of the GOP candidate’s history of using aliases.”

That would seem to be a reference to John Miller, a spokesperson for Trump who, according to reports, might have been Trump himself.

“‘I am Meredith McIver.’ ‘No. I’M Meredith McIver.’ ‘No no no, I AM Meredith McIver.’ ‘We are ALL Meredith McIver!'” another wag wrote.

“BREAKING: Meredith McIver now revealed to be D B Cooper,” went another reponse, referring to the infamous aircraft hijacker for whom the FBI recently abandoned its decades-long search.

Another skeptic likened McIver to the elusive Bigfoot.

And then there was, “Meredith McIver is harder to find than a black GOP intern.”

And so on.

Read on for a choice collection of Twitter reactions to the enigmatic Meredith McIver.


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