Meredith Vieira Trashes Matt Lauer’s Dressing Room, Dares Debra Messing to Top Her Bluff (Video)

“The Mysteries of Laura” star shared her own secrets on Vieira’s talk show

Part of being a good detective is knowing when your perp is misleading you.

Too bad “The Mysteries of Laura” star Debra Messing, who plays a cop on the show, was easily fooled by Meredith Vieira during a segment on her talk show “Meredith” Monday.

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Both Messing and Vieira went back and forth sharing outrageous stories that the other tried to determine was either fact or fiction in a segment dubbed “Call My Bluff.”

“My great, great grandfather was a cantor in the Polish forest,” Messing said to Vieira. We won’t spoil whether or not that juicy tidbit is real or not.

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Probably the most surprising revelation came from Vieira who told her guest, “I got in trouble with NBC security for writing profanity on Matt Lauer’s dressing room wall more than once.”

Due to the explicit nature of her graffiti, Vieira couldn’t say out loud what it was that she wrote on Lauer’s wall. But she was willing to whisper the phrase into Messing’s ear.

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Messing’s new show will debut in its regular time slot on NBC on Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. ET.

Watch the video of Messing and Vieira above.