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Merriam-Webster Shuts Down ‘Doctor Who’ Sexist Trolls With Epic Tweet

The words ”Doctor“ and ”Lord“ have no gender in English

America’s most trusted online dictionary doesn’t mess around when it comes to sexism. After the creators of the popular sci-fi show, “Doctor Who,” announced Sunday that its 13th doctor would be a woman — played by Jodie Whittaker — many male fans of the show expressed their displeasure that a female had been chosen. But Merriam-Webster wasn’t having any of it.

On Monday, the dictionary’s Twitter account clapped back at sexist trolls in the most technical (and clever) way.

It tweeted, “‘Doctor’ has no gender in English.” But the dictionary didn’t stop at that snarky quip. When one user argued that the word “lord” had an inherently masculine connotation (in the show, the Doctor is also called a “Time Lord”), another responded with Merriam-Webster’s actual definition of the word, which, in fact, has nothing to do with gender.

“Lord” and “doctor” have no gender. And neither does “shade,” apparently.