Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez Really Want Equal Pay for Women Too (Video)

The rich and famous actresses show solidarity with fellow star Patricia Arquette at the Oscars

Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez made it loud and clear during the Oscars on Sunday night that they will no longer tolerate being paid less than men.

The Oscar-winning actress and the “Jenny From the Block” singer dauntlessly cheered on Patricia Arquette during the ceremony, when “Boyhood” actress Arquette made her plea for wage equality at the end of her acceptance speech for best supporting actress.

“It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America,” Arquette intoned, as Streep and Lopez nearly leapt of their chairs with excitement over the possibility that they might, possibly, get a fair financial shake at some point.

Preach it, ladies! May your voices echo across the nation and through the halls of power, so that you can finally stop moonlighting as Walmart greeters just to make ends meet.

Watch Streep and Lopez champion an even playing field in the video.