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Meryl Streep: Hemsworth Brothers Are ‘Hot as F—,’ Jimmy Kimmel Is ‘Little B—h’ (Video)

Tom Hanks also explains why they call him ”the magic man“ as stars mock the Kimmel You Tube trailer project they participated in

Meryl Streep can’t tell Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth apart, but she thinks they’re both “hot as f–k” in “behind-the-scenes” footage from Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube movie trailers produced for his Oscar special on Sunday.

“Some films you do for the material, and some you do for the money,” Streep adds in the video (above). “But some films you do because Jimmy Kimmel shows up at your house crying his eyes out like a little bitch.”

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The fake trailers parodying prestige films were based on famous viral videos, including “Keyboard Cat,” “Charlie Bit My Finger,” “David After Dentist,” and “Ain’t Got No Time For That.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, Ben Kingsley, Christoph Waltz, Mandy Patinkin, Queen Latifah and Barkhad Abdi are among those who played the internet’s biggest stars, and then made fun of the whole process for another “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment on Wednesday.

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Tom Hanks, who played a monk opposite Liam Hemsworth in “Bitman Begins,” said he had to pull his performances “out of thin air,” which is how he earned his reputation in Hollywood as “the magic man.”