‘Metallica Through the Never’ Trailer: Dane DeHaan Faces an IMAX-Sized Riot (Video)

The concert film marries documentary and narrative filmmaking to create what promises to be a unique — and loud — IMAX experience

Dane DeHaan is having a rough work day in the first trailer for "Metallica Through the Never."

The "Chronicle" star carries the chaotic narrative portion of the upcoming 3D IMAX concert film written and directed by Nimród Antal ("Predators"). According to the synopsis, DeHaan plays a Metallica roadie who is sent on a mission during the band's performance in front of a sold-out arena.

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It's unclear what the mission is, but it's very clear that it won't be easy to complete when the unique concert movie debuts in IMAX on Sept. 27 before being released nationwide on Oct. 4.

Take a look at Metallica's James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo rocking out on stage while poor DeHaan finds himself in the middle of a riot: