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Mets Mascot Gives Fan the Finger and Twitter Celebrates

Mr. Met embodied the spirit of good sportsmanship — or the opposite — when the iconic baseball mascot flipped a fan the bird

One of the New York Mets organization employees who performs as the team’s colorful mascot “Mr. Met” has been fired after being recorded flipping the bird to at least one fan — while in costume.

The video, attributed to a Twitter user named Anthony DeLucia, went viral Wednesday night.

It shows the mascot walking between bleachers to a team entrance, before turning around and extending his cartoon middle finger to whomever is recording him. See it below.

It’s unclear precisely when the recording was made or what might have prompted the gesture, though the Mets organization has apologized, saying in a statement: “We apologize for the inappropriate action of this employee. We do not condone this type of behavior. We are dealing with this matter internally.”

According to the Associated Press, the employee in question — who was not identified by the organization — has been terminated.

While the team’s reaction was solemn apology, the response from fans on Twitter has been the opposite. Many people praised the incident as hilarious, understandable or even in keeping with the spirit of the team. Or, in the words of one sports fan, “the first entertaining thing a mascot has ever done.”

Read on for a sample of the reactions.