MGM’s TV Department Makes Major Changes

Two new hires and two promotions bolster will help company “to be increasingly dynamic,” say co-presidents

MGM has beefed up the leadership team of its television department with multiple promotions and new hires, the company announced on Monday.

Susan Hummel, who had served as MGM's senior vice president of North American television distribution and vice president of Canadian television distribution, has been moved up to senior vice president, U.S. basic cable and Canada television.

In her new position, Hummel will handle all Canadian television distribution, as well as sales of MGM's television properties to U.S. basic cable operators.

Damien Marin (pictured), previously the company's vice president of worldwide on-demand and digital media for MGM, has been moved up to senior vice president, pay television and digital media. Marin will support Hummel in her U.S. basic-cable sales duties, as well as maintaining his management duties for the company's on-demand and digital media distribution.

In addition to the the promotions, MGM has hired Vicky Gregorian as senior vice president, domestic television distribution. Gregorian, previously the senior vice president of domestic distribution at Litton Entertainment, will head up U.S. sales for MGM's syndicated television products, a portfolio that includes "Stargate Universe" and "Stargate Atlantis" and "Cash Cab."

MGM has also hired Vinicio Espinosa as its vice president, Latin American television distribution. Espinosa, who had worked for MGM's corporate development team before moving on to Brazilian movie-production company Corsico Films as its chief operating officer, will focus on expanding the company's presence in Latin America.

John Bryan, MGM's president of domestic television distribution, and Chris Ottinger, the company's president of international television distribution and acquisition, lauded the quartet's "talent, expertise and tenacity," adding that the leadership moves will "allow us to be increasingly dynamic in an industry which continues to change to change and evolve."