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Miami Dolphins Coach Snorts Lines, Resigns, Gets Blasted on Twitter

”Dolphins coach living a rock star life huh,“ tweeted one NFL player

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster has resigned, after a video posted online late on Sunday night appeared to show him snorting lines of cocaine before heading to a team meeting. Hey, it is Miami.

The video was first shared by Las Vegas model Kijuana Nige on her Facebook page, where her bio lists her as a “professional tease.” Sounds classy. Foerster refers to “babe” several times in the video, while commenting on how “crazy” it is to be doing drugs before his meeting. He adds at the end, “I wish I was licking this off your p—y.”

On Monday morning, Foerster resigned from the team.

“I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins and accept full responsibility for my actions,” said the coach in a statement. “I want to apologize to the organization and my sole focus is on getting the help that I need with the support of my family and medical professionals.”

Twitter, as you can imagine, didn’t pass on an opportunity to kick a man while he’s down. Several accounts blasted Foerester, including one that threw in a Stephen A. Smith line about Lamar Odom being “on crack.”

Some went with the more classic Charlie on “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” comparison.

While others went with George Costanza’s vintage “was that wrong?” defense from “Seinfeld.”

SB Nation writer Kelly Cohen said the video is still the “least disappointing thing” about the middling 2-2 Dolphins so far.

Former Dolphin and current Ravens wide receiver Mike Wallace couldn’t hold back, tweeting “Dolphins coach living a rock star life huh.”

“Kissing Suzy Kolber” site founder Mike Tunison said the “Dolphins can’t risk offending cocaine by firing this coach.”

Others pointed to the inevitable drudgery of coaching on a team with Jay Cutler at Quarterback as the push behind Foerester’s actions.

Nige took the video down from her page, but shared some thoughts afterwards. “Those are his habits and he recorded himself and sent it to me professing his love,” said Nige on Facebook.