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Michael Avenatti Says He’s ‘Never Had Sexual Relations’ With Stormy Daniels

”No one has ever asked me this question,“ attorney says through laughter

Michael Avenatti said he has never engaged in sexual relations with his client Stormy Daniels, unequivocally denying the idea when asked by SiriusXM host Karen Hunter on Tuesday.

“Here’s the answer: absolutely not,” said Avenatti, taking a moment to channel his inner Bill Clinton. “I’ve never had sexual relations with this woman.”

“So I’ve been at this about six months in connection with this case and I have to hand it to you,” he added, laughing at the idea. “No one has ever asked me this question.”

Avenatti said he viewed Daniels as more of a “sister” and that while he was no stranger to pornography, he had gone out of his way not to view her work.

Since his client first brought suit against President Trump demanding to be released from a nondisclosure agreement she signed with him in October 2016 over an extramarital affair she said she had with him (and which Trump has denied), her lawyer has increasingly stolen the show with near-nonstop cable news appearances for months.

The grinding legal process and drip-drip developments perfectly suited the TV-hungry attorney, always available to take to the airwaves to explain the latest development. Talk of a show — perhaps with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci — has lingered on for months.

Daniels says she had an affair with the billionaire back in 2006 and only signed the NDA in October under pressure. Trump has consistently denied any relationship between them and with another woman Karen McDougal, who has also come forward about an alleged affair.

You can listen to the exchange above.