Michael Avenatti Teases ‘At Least 2’ More Women Signed NDAs With Trump (Video)

“They are not fully vetted but there’s at least two that I think are on solid ground,” Stormy Daniels’ attorney says on “Morning Joe”

Last Updated: May 17, 2018 @ 6:58 AM

Michael Avenatti is strongly hinting that his legal fight with President Donald Trump is only beginning. On the set of “Morning Joe” Thursday, Stormy Daniels’ attorney says he is vetting several women who said they had received payments from Trump in exchange for their silence over extramarital affairs, and he expected some of them to come forward “over the coming months.”

“They are not fully vetted, but there’s at least two that I think are on solid ground,” Avenatti said. “And I think that as the evidence rolls out over the coming months, disclosures are going to be made that my client was not alone as it related to these payments.”

Amid questioning from show co-host Mika Brzezinski and MSNBC’s in-house lawyer Ari Melber, Avenatti revealed that the women also said they had affairs with Trump and have taken hush money with a figure that surpasses the $130,000 that Trump now admits he paid Daniels.

Avenatti said the agreements were “documented,” but he had not independently verified them and that the women were not yet his clients.

Over the last several days, Avenatti has been criticized after threatening to sue two reporters from the Daily Caller, and calling another reporter at the Hollywood Reporter an “a-hole.”

During an appearance with Anderson Cooper last week, Avenatti said he had no plans to leave the airwaves.

“There’s been some criticism about our media strategy and how often I’ve been on CNN and how often I’ve been on your show and other networks, et cetera. It’s all a bunch of nonsense because here’s the bottom line, Anderson, it’s working. It’s working in spades,” he said.

“One of the ways that it’s working is because we’re so out-front on this, people send us information. People want to help our cause. People contact us with information.”

Trump has consistently denied any affair between him and Daniels and says the money — which his legal team now admits he paid her — was to spare his family the pain of a lawsuit.