Michael B Jordan Takes a Shot to Avoid Telling Fallon What He’s Thinking About Tessa Thompson (Video)

Actor chose downing a “Wakanda Sunrise” over spilling about “Creed II” co-star

Michael B. Jordan and Jimmy Fallon played a game of “Pour It Out” on Friday’s “Tonight Show,” in which the former revealed absolutely nothing about his “Creed II” co-star Tessa Thompson — and that lack of revelation was rather revealing.

See, the way the NBC late-night host’s game works is you take turns answering a question aloud — and then you decide whether you’d rather reveal what the question itself was or take a shot. And when it came to talking about Tessa? Well, it was bottoms up for Jordan.

After a couple rounds in which both guys had abstained from drinking in favor of explaining, Fallon noted, “Alright, good, we’re not drinking tonight. You’re being very open and honest.”

But that was just before Jordan paused on his next question, eventually answering: “Uhh, Tessa Thompson.”

“Test of times?” Fallon said, mishearing him.

“TESSA. THOMPSON,” Jordan said, before taking his shot, a “Wakanda Sunrise.”

Immediately, the studio audience began to “ooo” and a rather suggestive track started up.

“Nah, nah. Don’t! No music, no music!” Jordan said.

“No, the music is playing in your head, dude!” Fallon said laughing. “Tessa Thompson? Whoo! And he took the shot immediately. Oh, my God. Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo, man!”

“I’m gonna hear it, right? I know I’m gonna hear it tomorrow,” Jordan said.

“You definitely are. Absolutely. Going to hear that music.”

What was the question?!? The world may never know.

Watch the clip above.