Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Twitter Account Trolls Democratic Debate

Followers were polled on which wild animal they’d want released at the debate, which Bloomberg is not attending

@Mike2020 campaign Twitter account
@Mike2020 / Twitter

Former New York City mayor turned presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg wasn’t on stage for Tuesday’s Democratic debate — but his campaign’s Twitter account was having fun taking the piss out of the night.

The @Mike2020 account began the evening by sharing outlandish “#BloombergFacts” about the presidential hopeful, including that he would sing “Shallow” with Lady Gaga in lieu of an inaugural address and would be the “first president with functioning gills.” And not to be outdone by itself, the campaign shared a cursed image of Bloomberg’s face edited onto a meatball.


While the front-runners were taking the stage in Des Moines, Bloomberg’s campaign polled its followers to see which “wild animal would be most fun to release onto the debate stage without warning.” The choices: an ostrich, raccoon or Komodo dragon.

The campaign also riffed off of the former NYC mayor’s declaration that he’d turn the White House’s East Room into an open office plan by sharing a number of other design changes Bloomberg could make at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


Since launching his presidential campaign in November, Bloomberg has not been on stage for any of the Democratic presidential debates because he is not accepting donations for his campaign — one factor in debate eligibility. And in case you were wondering: No, @Mike2020 was not hacked.

From his personal Twitter, Bloomberg praised his campaign staff, tweeting, “I see everyone at campaign HQ is hard at work.”