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Michael Bolton Sings John Bolton (‘s Book) for Stephen Colbert (Video)

Finally a reason to be interested in ”The Room Where It Happened“

Last Updated: June 25, 2020 @ 6:52 AM

On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert gave people reluctant to read John Bolton’s cash-in Trump tell-all “The Room Where It Happened” a very good reason to finally check it out: Having it sung by another famous Bolton, legendary soft rock crooner Michael Bolton.

The joke is exactly what it sounds like — a fake trailer for the “exclusive audiobook” of John Bolton’s book, “also sung by Bolton… Michael Bolton,” the narrator of the clip tells us. Cue up the very real and very excellent voice of Michael, singing along to some of the more well-reported details from the book set to smooth rock music. Examples include:

Trump begged president Xi to buy soybeans to help him win re-election.”

“Trump formed a pattern of fundamentally unacceptable behavior that eroded the very legitimacy of the presidency.'” (This is a direct quote.)

“Pompeo sent me a note about Trump that said ‘he’s so full of s—.‘”

And, the clip also promises “exclusive outtakes” from the book, including “This book was ghostwritten by my wondrous mustache.” But the best “outtake” addresses what has become a fundamental criticism of Bolton’s book — that he sat on potentially damning information in order to make money from a book instead of obeying a lawful subpoena from congress earlier this year. Or as the clip puts it:

“Why didn’t I sing at the impeachment trial, when it actually mattered? Oh yeah, my lucrative book deal.” Pretty much this!

Watch the whole clip above.