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Michael Flynn’s (Fake) Valentine’s Day Cards Rival Hallmark’s Best Work (Video)

Stephen Colbert’s cold open probably didn’t do its shopping last-minute at CVS, like you definitely did

Lots of people fell out of love with Michael Flynn just before Valentine’s Day, when President Trump’s National Security Adviser resigned over not providing his bosses with a complete snapshot of his communication with Russia.

According to Stephen Colbert’s Tuesday cold open, Flynn tried to make amends with some thoughtful Valentine’s Day cards to Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Vladimir Putin.

Oh, and Chili’s Too — yes, the airport takeout stand.

Here’s how the first one read: “To President Trump: I Will Never Resign From Being Your Valentine.”

And the last: “To Chili’s Too: Happy Valentine’s Day! Are You Hiring?”

The others in-between were probably even better. Watch the video above.