How ‘Sopranos’ Star Michael Imperioli Became a Podcast Host and Instagram Spiritual Guide

”The show has this second life now, with people on the internet and social media,“ Imperioli says of ”The Sopranos“

Thirteen years after “The Sopranos” notoriously cut to black, Michael Imperioli decided enough time had passed: It was time to re-watch the trailblazing HBO mob series that made New Jersey, against all odds, look cool and made Imperioli, who starred as cocksure young wise guy Christopher Moltisanti, into a household name.

The reason? Imperioli, alongside former co-star Steve Schirripa, was launching “Talking Sopranos,” a new podcast dedicated to meticulously recapping each episode of the series. Now, nine months and 44 episodes later, “Talking Sopranos” is a hit, racking up 9 million listeners to date and regularly appearing on Apple’s list of top 10 TV/film podcasts. The podcast’s popularity helped the duo recently score a book deal from HarperCollins book imprint William Morrow to write a behind-the-scenes oral history of “The Sopranos,” due out later this year.

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Sean Burch

Tech reporter • • @SeanB44