Michael J. Fox Salutes Chicago Cubs on World Series Win With ‘Back to the Future II’ Reference

“Only off by a year, not bad,” actor tweets at team


Well played, Chicago Cubs — and you too, Michael J. Fox.

On the heels of the Cubs’ historic World Series victory over the Cleveland Indians, Fox took to Twitter on Thursday morning to congratulate the team — with a reference to his own film “Back to the Future II.”

“Only off by a year, not bad. Congrats @Cubs. This is so heavy,” Fox wrote.

That would be a call-back to “Back to the Future II,” released in 1989 but set in 2015. In the film, the Chicago Cubs are depicted as breaking their century-plus World Series losing streak by defeating the fictional Gators of Miami, which didn’t get a Major League franchise until 1993.

The film,which saw Fox reprise his Marty McFly, is credited with making a number of accurate (or at least semi-accurate) predictions about the future, including the existence of self-tying sneakers, hoverboards and flat-screen televisions that allow viewers to watch multiple channels at once.

“Back to the Future II” wasn’t the only bit of fictional entertainment to get in on the crystal ball act where the Cubs’ victory is concerned. A January 2015 episode of “Parks and Recreation” depicts Tom (Aziz Ansari) and Andy (Chris Pratt) traveling to Chicago in the spring of 2017 and being told that “everybody’s in a good mood because of the Cubs winning the Series.”