Michael Jackson’s ‘Propofol Chair’ Bought By ‘Ghost Adventures’ Guy (Video)

Travel Channel’s hauntings hunter adds Jacko’s bedroom seat to his collection

michael jackson zak bagans
Getty Images ; Travel Channel

“Ghost Adventures” star Zak Bagans’ latest addition to his Las Vegas museum is Michael Jackson’s bedside chair where, reportedly, his doctor sat to monitor the superstar while he was administered with Propofol, he tells TMZ.

Bagans didn’t just get a chair for his buck, he also got a little of Jacko’s spirit to go with it.

“On the chair, you have Michael Jackson’s makeup stains covering the entire chair,” Bagans said. “The sources say that he got ready in that chair every single morning, and the chair was a witness to his controversial death. And I believe that when someone dies in a controversial way like that — that’s not solved — it releases a shock wave of energy that permeates, that saturates into these objects.”

michael jackson bedroom

Bagans’ “Ghost Adventures” has had a cult following among paranormal enthusiasts (including Vince Neil and Loretta Lynn) since its 2008 premiere. Along the way, he has purchased creepy items like a reportedly haunted box crafted by a holocaust survivor, the world’s most haunted doll and, get this, Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s “death van.”

Jackson’s chair will be added to that collection.

“Yes, I do collect things more on the dark side when it comes to people, however it’s still a part of their life,” Bagans said. “I’m opening a haunted museum in Vegas and it’s going to be part of an exhibit of his.”

Watch the full interview with all the details below.