Michael Levine’s PR Firm LCO Acquired by Icon Builder Media

Michael Levine launched Levine Communications Office in 1983

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 1:20 PM

Levine Communications Office, a PR firm launched by Michael Levine in 1983, has been purchased by Icon Builder Media CEO David T. Fagan, LCO announced on Tuesday.

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Despite the change in ownership, the firm's name will not be changed and Levine will continue to serve as a consultant.

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“I love LCO with all my heart and know that its best days lay ahead,” Levine said in a statement before adding that the sale feels "a bit surreal."

"I feel like a poor man’s David Geffen after he sold his record company," he continued.

"Icon Builder Media is quite effective at making people icons in their respective industries through various marketing strategies," said Fagan. "To now add PR services from LCO with a 30 year track record of success, is a dream come true."

Fagan's acquisition of LCO comes along with the release of his newest book, "Cracking the Icon Code," due out March 27.