Michael Moore Begs Electoral College to Dump Trump: ‘Do Not Put Our Nation in Danger’

“If you vote your conscience at noon and your state fines you for this, I will pay your fine,” filmmaker tweets

Last Updated: December 19, 2016 @ 7:07 AM

Michael Moore took to Twitter on Sunday night, urging Americans to “send a note to the electors in each of our states,” before they officially vote Donald Trump into the White House.

The Electoral College will cast their official votes for the president on Monday, and Moore wants the decision to be difficult on the electors. The documentary filmmaker included a link that allows Americans to express concerns to the Electoral College, and many voters are urging electors to select Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, who won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College, has a large group of supporters who are still hopeful that the electors will keep Trump out of the White House.

At the time of this post, 224,558 people have reached out to electors to express concern over Trump. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has repeatedly expressed that it would have won the popular vote if that was the way to win the election, but they campaigned primarily in states geared toward a strategy of winning the Electoral College.

Moore has also asked for Republican electors to vote with their “conscience,” and promised to pay any fines that might come from voting against their party.

Moore posted a lengthy Facebook message to the GOP electors detailing his stance.

“Ok, if you’ve read this far, knowing that it’s me, Michael Moore, writing to you — well, thank you for having an open mind and the willingness to listen to someone you don’t agree with,” Moore wrote. “I am writing you not as a card-carrying Democrat (I’m not) who voted for Hillary (I did), but simply because I am an American who, like you, deeply loves this country and its people.”

He continued: “I’m simply asking you to vote your conscience and PLEASE do not put our nation in danger by choosing Donald J. Trump.”