Michael Moore to Stream Kent State Truth Tribunal

San Francisco event follows earlier tribunal in Ohio, seeking testimony from participants, witnesses to 1970 shooting

Filmmaker Michael Moore, on his website, will live-stream the hearings of the Kent State Truth Tribunal on Aug. 7-8.

Michael MooreParticipants and witnesses to the events surrounding the 1970 Kent State shootings will convene to offer testimony in San Francisco. That will be live-streamed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at www.MichaelMoore.com.

This follows a four-day tribunal held in early May in Kent, Ohio, marking the 40th anniversary of the campus shootings, which left four students dead and nine injured.

The Kent State Truth Tribunal in May resulted in an outpouring of original participant testimonies, some who shared their stories for the first time since the shootings. Demand for participation was immense at the 40th anniversary yet many witnesses and participants in the events surrounding the shootings were not able to travel to Ohio.

"San Francisco was a cultural and political hub in the '60s and '70s, and it is no accident that so many young people scarred by the events of Kent State headed west after the tragic events of May 1970," said Laurel Krause, tribunal founder and sister of Allison Krause, one of four students killed at Kent. "Forty years later, the west remains a progressive mecca and many Kent State participants made the West Coast their home, like me. We will collect their experiences of the Kent State shootings to continue to try to learn the truth about Kent State in 2010."

In a statement, Moore said: "Forty years after the Kent State killings, justice still has not been served. The Kent State Truth Tribunal brings us closer to that goal by sharing first-hand accounts with the public. I am grateful for their efforts and hopeful that some day the truth will come out."