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Michael Rapaport Throws Shade at Johnny Manziel: ‘Sniffing the Rock Better Than You Throw’

Former NFL quarterback Manziel, who threw this week at the University of San Diego’s Pro Day, replied: ”Gladly, F— boy“

Michael Rapaport doesn’t think former Cleveland Browns player Johnny Manziel should be throwing footballs around.

“UBUMU You should’ve worn my T-shirt for good luck, you still can’t throw the rock as good as you snort them @JManziel2,” Rapaport tweeted Friday, along with a video of Manziel at the University of San Diego’s Pro Day earlier this week.

Rapaport then suggested that Manziel should be taking a drug test instead of participating in a Pro Day: “Call it a Piss Day, piss in the cup Johnny before you throw the ball.”

Manziel, who was released from the Browns after the 2015 season amidst drug problems and a domestic violence accusation against him, responded: “Gladly, F— boy.”

The feud didn’t stop there. Rapaport responded again, repeating that Manziel can’t throw.

“You still sniffing the rock better than you throw the rock,” Rapaport tweeted. “Can’t control your life, how your gonna control the huddle? Should’ve worn my T-shirt in front of the scouts for good luck. Tell @barstoolsports to get that Podcast ready for you your gonna need work soon.”

Manziel was indicted in 2016 for misdemeanor assault related to family violence by a grand jury in Dallas, according to the Washington Post. His ex-girlfriend accused him of hitting her in the head so hard that it ruptured her eardrum. Manziel eventually reached an agreement with prosecutors and the case was dismissed. Had it gone to trial, the former Texas A&M star could have faced a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Recent reports regarding the 25-year-old Texas A&M alum say his problems with drugs span back to his college days.

See the full exchange below.