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Michael Rapaport’s New Beef With Trump: Why Are You Making Me Defend LaVar Ball?

”You’re going to take away the pleasure I get from talking s— about LaVar Ball?“ says Rapaport in his latest anti-Trump tirade   

Actor and smack-talker Michael Rapaport has decided to weigh in on the growing feud between Donald Trump and LaVar Ball.

Ball, the retired and NBA star and father of UCLA basketball star LiAngelo Ball, has traded barbs with Trump over whether he was sufficiently grateful to the president for securing his son’s release from China following an arrest for shoplifting earlier this month.

Rapaport said the imbroglio was forcing him into the impossible choice of choosing between two people he hated vehemently.

“Donald Trump, you’re such a f—.=,” he said in a NSFW Instagram video earlier this week. “You’re going to take away the pleasure I get from talking s— about LaVar Ball.”

Rapaport decide that his contempt for Ball, whom he said was “good at” talking smack, paled to his enmity for Trump, saying the president’s hypocrisy about the support of embattled GOP senate candidate Roy Moore came with real-world consequences.

“You are a threat to society,” the actor said of the president. “You got all this s— to say about LaVar Ball, but you publicly support Ray [sic] Moore, this sexual f—ing deviant.”

In addition to a distinguished career which has included roles on such series as “Boston Public,” where he played teacher Danny Hanson, Rapaport has become increasingly known as an internet bomb-thrower.

Trump has often been a favorite target.

On a warm day last month, Rapaport took aim at “dumb Donald,” recording a video at New York City’s Wollman ice rink (which Trump helped to build), and blasted the president for saying global warming was not real.

“There’s no global warming, right? Look at your ice skating rink, you f–cking dummy,” Rapaport said, panning his camera to the rink. “It’s 80 degrees in October, but there’s no global warming.”

Watch above.