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Michael Rapaport Catches Heat for ‘F—ing Awful’ Joke About Thai Cave Rescue Efforts

SPOILER ALERT: It involves Kevin Spacey

Michael Rapaport’s sense of comedic timing was off a bit on Monday, as far as some Twitter users were concerned.

Podcaster and “Atypical” star Rapaport caught heat on Monday, after a tweet apparently touching on the efforts to rescue a youth soccer team from a flooded cave in Thailand.

“I haven’t seen someone try to get a Thai boy out of a hole this frantically since I walked in on Kevin Spacey in the men’s room at Chuckie Cheese,” Rapaport wrote, in a wisecrack that also apparently hit on the sexual misconduct accusations against actor Kevin Spacey.

Rapaport attributed the joke to “Anonymous Comedian 7/9/2018,” but many responses to the tweet were less than appreciative of Rapaport’s sense of humor.

While Rapaport had some supporters, including one responder who called the joke “smart humor.,” others didn’t find it funny.

“Fucking awful,” one critic of the joke wrote.

“Too soon???!!” asked another.

Yet another critic found fault with the logic of the joke, asking, “Wouldn’t he be trying to get into thai boyhole? That makes more sense comically.”

“Delete it. This is weak sauce bro,” went another response to Rapaport’s tweet.

“What the f— is wrong with you,” asked another response.

According to CBS News, four more members of the soccer team were rescued Monday, after four of the team members were rescued over the weekend.

The team members, who according to CBS range in age from 11 to 16, and their coach were stranded after they decided to explore the cave following a practice game and monsoon flooding blocked them in.

Read Rapaport’s tweet below.