Michael Rapaport Celebrates Alex Jones’ Removal From YouTube, Facebook: ‘No Freedom of Speech for You’ (Video)

“They shut you down, you f—, you. Good!” says “Atypical” star of InfoWars boss

Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport bid a not-so-fond farewell to Alex Jones’ presence on YouTube and other platforms on Monday, decrying conspiracy theorist Jones as a “f—ing lunatic” and a “piece of s—.”

In a passionate video posted to his Twitter account, Rapaport made no secret about how he felt about Jones, telling the InfoWars honcho, “No freedom of speech for you.”

The caption to the video bore a similar sentiment, declaring, “They kicked that dumbass @RealAlexJones off YouTube… Or maybe it’s a Hoax? Bye Bye Bish.”

In the video, Rapaport asks, “You know that guy Alex Jones? The InfoWars guy? You know who I’m talking about? The guy with no lips, that f—ing lunatic?”

“Atypical” star and podcaster Rapaport continues, “They removed all his content from Facebook, iTunes, Pinterest and YouTube.”

“Good, you f—. You know the piece of s— I’m talking about, right? Alex Jones, who said that the Sandy Hook shooting where the kids and the teachers died in the school, was a hoax? You know which piece of shit I’m talking about, Alex f—ing Jones? You know, right?”

Rapaport adds, “They shut you down, you f—, you. Good! No freedom of speech for you, you piece of s—. Good, you f—ing lunatic. Good!”

The actor concluded his video with, “Bye-bye, f—o!”

On Monday, YouTube and Pinterest joined Apple, Facebook and Spotify, removing the channel for Alex Jones’ InfoWars. YouTube also removed Jones’ personal YouTube channel.

“This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” reads a message displayed on the former InfoWars YouTube channel landing page. The move comes after the removal on July 26 of four Jones videos from the platform.

Jones’ YouTube channel had 2.4 million followers.

In an earlier statement to TheWrap, the InfoWars chief accused China and George Soros of being behind the effort to silence him.

“China pulls the strings of big tech now. Choose a side. Soros is proud of you,” Jones said via text, which also included a Chinese flag emoji.

On Monday, Facebook — which had already slapped a 30-day suspension on Alex Jones’ personal Facebook page — removed a number of official InfoWars related pages, including “The Infowars Nightly News” “The Alex Jones Page” “Infowars Page” and the “Alex Jones Channel Page.”

Facebook later clarified that its decision to get rid of Jones’ content was related only to specific violations of community standards and not to his long history of propagating false information on the platform.

Watch Rapaport say ta-ta to Jones in the video below.