Michael Rapaport Escalates His Marilyn Manson Beef With Challenge to ‘Gimmick-Ass’ Singer (Video)

“Take your f—ing broomstick and get the f— out of here!” actor vents at “Antichrist Superstar” musician

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Marilyn Manson, consider the gauntlet laid down.

Michael Rapaport upped his beef with the “Antichrist Superstar” singer on Friday, laying down a challenge for the musician.

In a video promoting the latest installment of his “I Am Rapaport” podcast, the “Atypical” star set out the terms of the challenge.

“That fake-ass ghoul Marilyn Manson tried to diss my man Justin Bieber, so we have the Marilyn Manson Challenge,” Rapaport said. “We challenge you to do a show without the lipstick, the lace and the pigeon blood. See what you got?”

And no, he wasn’t done there.

“No-talent, gimmick-ass Marilyn Manson made a career out of dressing up like every day is Halloween,” Rapaport continued. “Take your f—ing broomstick and get the f— out of here!”

The actor also had some words for actor James Woods, who was recently accused by actress Amber Tamblyn of trying to pick her up when she was 16.

“James Woods, you’re a fucking creep,” Rapaport said. “Everybody in Hollywood and show-biz knows it.”

Rapaport took his first shot at Manson on Thursday, after Manson said that “Purpose” singer Beiber had acted like a “real piece of sh–” toward him during a Billboard interview.

The actor went off on Manson in his typical blunt style, calling him a “Fake Ass Ghoul” and “Punk Ass Corn Ball” — which were two of his kinder assessments.

“Yo @justinbieber tell that Powder Puff wanna be Vampire never had no talent, gimmick ass Ho @marilynmanson to eat 3 Dix. Fake Ass Ghoul,” Rapaport tweeted.

He followed up with, “Punk Ass Corn Ball @marilynmanson should be giving Hand-Jobs to anybody wearing is [sic] corny ass T-shirts. HandJobMarilyn.”

Rapaport has a history with Bieber. In 2015, the pair teamed up for a mockumentary in which Rapaport, haunted by Bieber securing the MVP award at the 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game the year after Rapaport had won the award, relentlessly seeks a rematch from the “Baby” singer.

Watch Rapaport take his latest shot at Manson in the video.