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Michael Rapaport Gives Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio Advice on Voter Outreach: ‘You’re Being Too Calm’ (Video)

“You gotta say, ‘You vote, on Nov. 6 or earlier, or you shut your f—ing dog-pipe, OK?'” says “Atypical” star

Michael Rapaport has some advice for Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio on their get-out-the-vote efforts — and it’s not to shake hands and kiss babies.

Reacting to a video released Friday featuring Pitt and DiCaprio urging people to vote, Rapaport urged the two actors to be more in-your-face about getting people to the polls for the midterm elections, and perhaps drop an f-bomb or three.

“I just saw that the great Leonardo DiCaprio and the great Brad Pitt put out a video urging people to vote. Good job you guys. I know you guys like your privacy and you keep a low profile,” Rapaport said in his own video, posted to his social media account Friday.

“That being said, I don’t agree with the way you went about it, Brad and Leo. You’re being too calm; you’re being too demure,” Rapaport continued. “No disrespect to both of you guys, but you gotta urge, push, demand [that] motherf–ers vote, Brad and Leo. You gotta say, ‘You vote, on Nov. 6 or earlier, or you shut your f—ing dog-pipe, OK? You shut your f—ing pie-hole! Vote, or shut the f–k up!'”

The “Atypical” star and podcaster continued, “You can’t be all calm, cool and collected, and say, ‘Get out there, vote; it’s important for the world, society and the planet.’ No, you gotta say, ‘Get the f— out there and vote Nov. 6, or shut your f—ing traps!”

Watch Rapaport drop advice on Brad and Leo below.