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Michael Rapaport Goes Off on Bill Simmons: ‘Your Time Is Up!’

”I’m hurt, I’m upset and I’m offended,“ ”Atypical“ star says of perceived snub

Looks like there’s trouble in Podcast-land.

Michael Rapaport went off on fellow podcaster Bill Simmons on Monday, tearing into Simmons in a venom-tongued tirade.

According to Rapaport, the rancor developed after Simmons ignored multiple requests to come on Simmons’ podcast to promote his new book, “This Book Has Balls,” even though Rapaport has given Simmons “gold” when he’s appeared on Simmons’ show.

“I’m hurt, I’m upset and I’m offended,” Rapaport said during Monday’s “I Am Rapaport” podcast. “You c–ksucker you. You player-hating motherf–ker you, your time is up! You see us on the sports iTunes, podcast charts, consistently ahead of you.”

“I’m sure you probably think, oh let the Barstool people promote you,'” Rapaport continued, referring to Barstool Sports, which carries Rapaport’s podcast. “No, f–k that, duke. I know you, I’ve been to your crib, duke. I come on your show, I give you gold, money … I wanted to come back on, it’s been a few months. I want to promote my book.”

Rapaport went on to take a swipe at Simmons’ short-lived HBO show “Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons.”

“When you asked me to come do the Deflategate skit on your wack-ass HBO show, I came with bells on. I exceeded every single expectation; it’s the most-viewed piece on the show that soon got canceled. Show was trash, duke!” Rapaport vented.

While Rapaport gave Simmons props for his writing skills, he opined that Simmons “just can’t do it” as an on-camera personality.

“Even I couldn’t save you. Great writer, icon of this whole sports culture thing, but in front of the camera, you just don’t have it. You just can’t do it,” Rapaport said.

“And then you go behind my back and you don’t even take my texts?” Rapaport continued. “You played yourself out, duke. You disrespected me for no f–king reason. My feelings are hurt, and when my feelings are hurt, my tongue heats up!”


To see Rapaport and Simmons in happier times, watch Rapaport’s Deflategate skit on “Any Given Wednesday” below.