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Michael Rapaport Goes off on ‘Bird Scooting Prick’ in Epic Vent (Video)

”Atypical“ actor launches into foul-mouthed tirade while stuck behind one of those widely-reviled e-scooters

If you find yourself unable to roll with the whole Bird scooter craze, take heart; Michael Rapaport is right there with you.

Actor and podcaster Rapaport weighed in on the seemingly ubiquitous scooters in trademark fashion Tuesday, posting a video of his salty-tongued encounter with what he characterized as a “Bird scooting prick.”

The video itself is fairly minimalist, consisting of dashboard footage of Rapaport stuck behind a lane-hogging scooter rider.

However, Rapaport’s elaborate, obscenity-marinated tirade as he vents his frustration is a masterpiece of coarse language.

“Bird-scooting c–ksucker!” Rapaport seethes at the beginning of his vent, in what will serve as a mere appetizer in his toilet-talk buffet.

“Motherf—er. F—ing a–hole, get the f— out of the way! Go, ya dumb f—!” the actor continues.

And then there’s, “Motherf—ing c–ksucker! Motherf—er. GO, a–hole!”

Building up to presumably spittle-flecked ferocity, Rapaport grows increasingly creative with his blue streak, eventually breaking with the conventions of language to declare his scooter-riding nemesis a “Traffic-jam f—!”

Listen to Rapaport’s epic, and very obviously NSFW, vent below.


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Bird Scooting Prick. #DisRuptiveBeHavior New @iamrapaport is live & arousing! #iamrapaportpodcast #birdscooters ??-???????-?

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