Michael Rapaport Goes Off on ‘Muffin-Face Motherf—er’ Sean Spicer (Video)

No, the “Atypical” star was not happy about former the White House press secretary’s appearance at the Emmys

Sean Spicer

Count Michael Rapaport among the people who were upset about former White House press secretary Sean Spicer appearing at the Emmys on Sunday.

But Rapaport doesn’t only take issue with Spicer — he has a problem with you, Hollywood.

In a video posted Tuesday to promote the newest installment of his “I Am Rapaport” podcast, the “Atypical” star went off on “muffin-face motherf—er” Spicer — and on the Tinseltown denizens who gave him a platform.

“And this muffin-face motherf—er Sean Spicer shows up to the Emmys, and you Hollywood motherf—ers are treating him like it was a character that he was portraying while he was in the White House,” Rapaport continued.

During his vent session, Rapaport worked in a seeming dig at “Late Late Show” host James Corden, who was photographed planting a kiss on Spicer’s cheek.

“That motherf—er was lying on a daily basis! And all of a sudden motherf—ers are ‘ooh’-ing and ‘ahh’-ing and kissing this motherf—er on the cheek and getting selfies from this marshmallow-eating motherf—er Sean Spicer,” Rapaport continued.

The actor wrapped up with a word of advice courtesy of iconic rap group Public Enemy.

“Protect yourself at all times!” Rapaport cautioned. “To quote the great Flavor Flav, ‘Can’t truss it!’”

Watch Rapaport get icy over Spicey in the video.