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Michael Rapaport on National School Walkout: ‘It’s F-ing Sad’ (Video)

”Teenagers shouldn’t be worrying about getting mowed down in school by assault rifles,“ actor and author says

Michael Rapaport appears to have mixed feelings about the school walkouts in protest of gun violence that took place this week.

As students ditched class on Wednesday to prompt change in the nation’s gun policy following the latest mass school shooting, the “Atypical” star and “This Book Has Balls” author let his mouth do the moving, deeming the walkout “incredible” and “historical,” but ultimately “f—ing sad” that it even had to occur.

“I’m bugging out off this nationwide school walkout across the country — all these kids walking out of school. It’s incredible, it’s historical, but it bugs me out,” Rapaport said in a Twitter video after the walk out. “The fact that kids — actual kids, teenagers — are even having to think, discuss, or pay attention to gun legislation is a f—ing joke. The fact that the adults, the politicians and all of us couldn’t figure it out is sad. ”

Rapaport added, “This can’t be life. Teenagers shouldn’t be worrying about getting mowed down in school by assault rifles. Teenagers should be worried about getting to class on time — or, if you were a piece of s— like me, cutting class.”

The actor continued, “Teenagers shouldn’t have to worry about this s—-. They should be worried about math quizzes, hiding hickeys on their neck from their parents, and the battery life of their smart phone.”

“So this walkout is fantastic, but in reality, it’s f—ing sad,” the actor concluded.

Watch Rapaport sound off on the walkout below.