Michael Rapaport Predicts the Next White House Departures After Steve Bannon Ouster (Video)

If you “look like Tan Mom and Dog the Bounty Hunter had a kid and ran away from it,” you might want to check the job listings

steve bannon
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Bye, bye, Bannon — and leave the door open for KellyAnne Conway and Mike Pence behind you.

Following news that Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon is being handed his hat at the White House, Rapaport broke out his crystal ball and predicted the next departures from the Trump administration.

Rapaport’s assessment? Advisor KellyAnne Conway and Vice President Mike Pence should probably update their resumes.

“Steve Bannon is out! Cock Eyed KellyAnne Conway & Mike Pence are next I can feel it,” Rapaport tweeted Friday morning.

He also delivered an impassioned kiss-off speech to Bannon in video form.

“Steve Bannon, you f–k you. You miserable, motherless motherf–ker, you’re done,” Rapaport’s rant began. “Now you’re the world’s most famous white person with no lips. There’s gotta be a compassionate facialist that’ll take a shot at trying to fix this c–ksucker up. Bannon, you look like you’ve been washing your face with bug repellent. The chief strategist of nothing. White nationalist — it ain’t happening, you motherf–ker! Get in a time machine!”

Rapaport wasn’t done there, as he turned his dagger-sharp tongue to Conway.

“And cockeyed KellyAnne Conway, you’re next! I know you’re ready to jump ship! You look like Tan Mom and Dog the Bounty Hunter had a kid and ran away from it!” Rapaport vented.

“And it all comes back to you, lying Donald. You’re worried about the statues coming down? I want to rip down those f–king ugly tacky fleabag motels you have in New York,” Rapaport continued. “You love building buildings, because it’s the only thing you could get erect!”

Finally, it was Pence’s turn for the Rapaport run-down.

“And you, Mike Pence — what the f–k do you do every day? You’re supposed to be the one with some morality?” Rapaport added. “I wanna meet you. I’ll grab you by the worm. I would say grab you by the balls, but you don’t have any.”

Wow. But seriously, how do you really feel, Mr. Rapaport?

Watch the diatribe below.