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Michael Rapaport Shreds Trump Over Elvis Comparison (Video)

”You look like you swallowed fat Elvis!“ ”Atypical“ star tells the president in social-media vent

As far as Michael Rapaport is concerned, Donald Trump ain’t nothing but a hound dog — and a rather unattractive one at that.

Podcaster and “Atypical” star Rapaport tore into Trump on Tuesday morning, after Trump told a crowd that, as a younger man, people told him that he looked like deceased music icon Elvis Presley.

In a video posted to his social media, Rapaport mocked Trump’s assertion, made during a rally in Tupelo, Mississippi — Presley’s hometown — that, “other than the blonde hair, when I was growing up, they said I looked like Elvis. You see that? Can you believe it? I always considered that a great compliment.”

In a blistering screed, Rapaport declared that Trump looked “like you swallowed fat Elvis!”

“You don’t look like f—ing Elvis! Your mother said that to you one time because she couldn’t stand making eye contact with you, and she wanted you to stop drooling all over her!” Rapaport said.

“The King! You don’t look like the f—ing King, you bloated motherf—er!” the actor continued. “You look like you swallowed fat Elvis! You don’t look like Elvis on his worst day, after doing a handful of amphetamines and a bag of booger-sugar on the Vegas strip!”

Rapaport continued, “Look like the f—ing King — you f—ing dirty hound dog, you!”

Watch Rapaport rip into Trump below.