Michael Rapaport Slams ‘Freedom Fighter’ Lena Dunham: ‘She May Be Making This S—- Up’

“You’re giving a bad name to every skinny-jean wearing, vintage-dress buying motherf—— in Williamsburg,” actor says

Actor Michael Rapaport blasted Lena Dunham on the “I Am Rapaport: Stereo Podcast” Tuesday morning, calling her a “f—— nut case” who is “too fragile” for Twitter after American Airlines disputed her claim that she heard two employees making derogatory comments about transgender people.

Rapaport feels that Dunham should have confronted the people she claimed to overhear, instead of complaining to their employer — if her claims were actually true.

“You’re such a freedom fighter, Lena Dunham…. you talk so big. You could have done it in a non confrontational way,” Rapaport continued. “You had your chance to confront them … Once again, it’s looking like Lena Dunham may have, allegedly… I have a feeling Lena Dunham might try to sue me, so I’m saying, ‘Allegedly.’”

He went on to say: “She may be making this s—- up … she wants the attention.”

Last week, Dunham said she overheard two American Airlines attendants having a “transphobic talk,” adding that “at this moment in history we should be teaching our employees about love and inclusivity.” However, American Airlines disputed Lena Dunham’s claims, saying the time stamps of her claims don’t add up.

A spokesperson for the airline told TheWrap that they are unable to substantiate the allegations made by the creator and star of HBO’s “Girls.” Dunham tweeted around 3 a.m. ET, said the airline spokesperson, when American’s last departure/arrival at JFK was around 1:45 a.m. ET.

While on the “I Am Rapaport” podcast, co-host, Gerald Moody, said Dunham “is allegedly a liar.”

Rapaport then played the audio from a video he posted to his social media accounts

“Lena Dunham, you f——- screw ball, I’m here on behalf of Odell Beckham, America Airlines and the dog that you just sent off to the glue factory because you were too busy and easily agitated to take care of it. You created the highly successful show ‘Girls” on HBO, which should no longer be called ‘Girls,” it should be called ‘White Girls’ and it needs to be watched with an asterisk because, clearly, it was written by a f——- nut case,” Rapaport said. “You’re clearly smelling your own musk. You’re giving a bad name to every skinny-jean wearing, vintage-dress buying motherf—— in Williamsburg. They’re done with you. Go find refuge in Austin, or maybe Portland will take you.”

Rapaport suggested that Dunham is “too fragile” for social media and said that the “Girls” star blocked him on Twitter after he expressed his opinion.

“I didn’t even follow her but she blocked me,” he said.

Rapaport said that many of his fans feel a tweet Dunham recently sent was directed at him.

“Got my MFA in defending myself to white men. Luckily got a BA in inflated sense of self worth,” she wrote.

“White men? Now get ready for me, you crazy f—,” Moody said after Rapaport read the tweet. “Stop with all the soap box lying and being an advocate for trans-this, make your f——- and shut the f—- up.”

Rapaport said he knows he’s not exactly “Brad Pitt,” so he won’t attack Dunham’s appearance like most of her critics do, but said she’s “totally full of s—.”

“You want to be the victim,” he said. “You’re a f—— nut case.”